Spinpanel Workspace Introduction

The Spinpanel Workspace plays a crucial role in providing and managing a modern workplace. In addition, the platform provides insight into the number of active Microsoft 365 licenses and their usage.

As a partner the dashboard shows you an overview of all your customers (tenants) and the licenses of your customer per user and device. You can configure workplaces for your customers based on Spinpanel’s pre-defined templates (configurations). As a partner you can also add your own templates and manage them in Spinpanel Workspace. Microsoft 365 is a requirement for Spinpanel Workspace. Licenses are ordered through the Spinpanel portal. Both Microsoft 365 as well as linked Workspace licenses can be easily adjusted in Spinpanel. Spinpanel Workspace offers you as a partner a clear overview, saves you time and cost, and gives management ease.

With a traditional management solution manual configuration is often necessary, or third-party management solution is used. These solutions are costly and time-consuming. Spinpanel Workspace facilitates automated configuration and deployment of workplaces without the need for customer-specific configurations. Pre-defined templates make it easy to prevent errors and you can effortlessly provide multiple customers with the same correct configuration.

In addition to the templates provided by Spinpanel, Workspace also allows you as a partner to create your own partner templates. Using these templates, you can design your own solutions, roll out software, or apply policies to your customer’s environment. Once the templates have been created, you can manage them with Spinpanel Workspace and easily roll-out the same solution to multiple users and devices, or to other customers. The only thing an end-user needs to do is login to the device using an enrolled Microsoft 365 account. The installation and configuration will happen automatically. This makes the deployment and management of multiple workplaces for different customers scalable and achievable within minutes.

Spinpanel Workspace works in combination with these Microsoft 365 licenses:

  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5

Spinpanel Workspace ensures centralized management of multiple customers for the following parts:

  • Installation and application updates (MSI, EXE)
  • Computer and user policies (group policies)
  • Security configuration based on Microsoft best practices (secures during use and in case of theft or loss of device)
  • Windows Update management
  • SharePoint and OneDrive for Business support in Windows explorer (drive mapping)
  • PowerShell template support
  • Deployment of printers onto computers
  • Windows 10 start menu configuration and layout
  • Profile management for the support of flex workplace scenarios (roaming profiles)

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