WorkSpace Log Collection

Use this article to collect debugging logs for our Support Team if you run into any WorkSpace related issues.

Enable Debug Logging

On the affected computer, browse to C:\Program Files\Spinpanel WorkSpace\Agent\ and open the "SpinPanelWorkSpaceAgent.exe.config". Find the following lines in the config file.

<!-- Logging settings -->
<!--uncomment the below line to enable debug level logging-->
<!--<add key="DebugMessages" value="True" />-->
<!--uncomment the below line to enable local file path logging, remember that the current signed in user needs to have access to this path-->
<!--<add key="LocalFileLogPath" value="C:\Temp" />-->
<!--uncomment the below line to enable remote file path logging, remember that the current signed in user needs to have access to this path-->
<!--<add key="RemoteFileLogPath" value="\\MyOneDrive\WorkSpace\Logs" />-->

Uncomment the following line: 

<add key="DebugMessages" value="True" />

Determine where you would like the log file to be located. Uncomment the appropriate line and specify the location of the log file. Restart the computer and reproduce the issue.

Export Windows Event Viewer Logs

Open "Event Viewer" on the affected machine. Browse to "Application and Services Logs", select "SpinPanel WorkSpace" and select "Save All Events As..." to export the events.


Send information to our Support Team

Create an email to with the following information:

  1. Amount of users affected
    1. If all users are not affected, specify the affected users
  2. Amount of devices affected
    1. Does this happen on one device or every device this user(s) logs into?
  3. The name of the Spinpanel WorkSpace policy causing this issue
    1. Provide this if the error is specific for a certain policy
  4. Date and time this last occurred 
    1. Provide the time that is captured while the debug logging is enabled
  5. Attach the debugging logs
  6. Attach the exported Spinpanel WorkSpace Event Viewer logs
  7. What is your expected behavior?
  8. Attach any relevant screenshots 


Please be as specific as possible to help us narrow down the exact issue.

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