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What Does the SpinPanel Auto License Adjustment Setting Do?

When you open Settings > Relationship settings and select a customer from the Relationship dropdown and open the SpinPanel settings detail pane, you will find a setting called SpinPanel auto license adjustment. Here's what that does.

You can use SpinPanel auto license adjustment to keep the quantity on a subscription in sync with the actual number of assigned licenses for the subscription. When SpinPanel auto license adjustment is enabled on a relationship with a customer, it will function as described below:

  • If the number of licenses on a subscription for that customer in the Microsoft Partner Center is larger than the number of (user) assigned licenses, the quantity on the subscription in the Microsoft Partner Center will be adjusted to match the number of actual assigned licenses.
  • If a customer has multiple subscriptions in Partner Center for the same offer, the subscription quantity is merged onto the oldest subscription and other subscription(s) will be suspended.
    • Example: two existing Office 365 Enterprise E3 subscriptions both with a quantity of 5 assigned licenses. The quantity on the newest subscription is set to 1 and this subscription will be suspended. The quantity on the oldest subscription is increased to 10.
  • If a subscription in the Microsoft Partner Center does not have any assigned licenses, it will be suspended.

When SpinPanel auto license adjustment is enabled, you will not be able to adjust the number on a subscription directly in SpinPanel.

Note: if you need a fixed number on a subscription, regardless the number of actual assignments, SpinPanel auto license adjustment must be disabled.