Service Level Agreement

​This document, hereinafter referred to as 'SLA', describes the conditions which apply to services delivered by SpinPanel after signing the terms of use.


​The SLA ​aims to elaborate on the rights and obligations of the parties that are laid down in the terms of use. In case of ​a conflict between formulations in the terms of use and in the SLA, the wording in the terms of use will prevail.

The duration of the SLA is equal to that of the terms of use and is explicitly linked to it.

The SLA describes the following:​

  • Further specification of the services that are delivered according to the terms of use​
  • ​Establishing the desired and delivered level of service​
  • ​Establishing the quality control method


The SLA applies to the services provided to the Client by SpinPanel, as described in the terms of use. Deviations from this SLA are only valid if and insofar as expressly agreed in writing. Deviations only relate to the terms of use in which they were made.


​​​The support team within SpinPanel is the first point of contact for the support team of the Client. The support team is responsible for dealing with incidents, communicating changes and supporting the Client.

The SpinPanel support team is responsible for:

  • ​Registration of incidents
  • Providing support in the event of incidents
  • Execution of the basic work for resolving an incident or implementing a change
  • Monitoring the execution
  • Notification of progress, solution or execution at the Client​

Support Service

SpinPanel handles incidents on the basis of a priority level and has classified the urgency of resolving incidents into the categories as described in the table below:

SLA urgency

The level of priority will be determined by SpinPanel. The table below describes the application procedure which must be followed for support tickets and incidents:

application procedure SLA

Working hours of the SpinPanel support team are on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5 pm. Our offices are closed on the following official Dutch holidays:

  • New Year's day
  • Second Easter day
  • King's day
  • Ascension day
  • Whit Monday
  • First and second day of Christmas

SpinPanel undertakes towards the Client to make all reasonable efforts to support the Client. SpinPanel strives for the reaction time and solution time used in the table below:

spinpanel response time

SpinPanel guarantees a feasibility of the stated reaction time of 99% and a feasibility of the dissolution time of 90%. The number of guaranteed response and dissolution times is expressed as a percentage measured over a period of one year.​


A change is a planned activity. A change will be implemented as soon as it has been tested by SpinPanel and found suitable for release to the production platform. As SpinPanel is a multi-tenant platform, changes to the service are implemented at a time to be determined by SpinPanel. Examples of a change are: 

  • ​Performing updates on APIs, databases and web applications of the service
  • Releasing new features within the service
  • Resolving bugs within the service

When a planned change is scheduled Clients are notified through email with detailed information regarding the change. This contains information in regards to ​when the update is scheduled and ​which changes are processed within the update. The SpinPanel platform is disabled during maintenance and an update page is placed in front of the website. Once a change is rolled out Clients are informed in-app and a link to release notes is presented to them.


Communication regarding support tickets is provided by the SpinPanel support team. Communication with regards to changes is described above; Clients are informed through email of upcoming maintenance windows.

In case of policy updates, Clients are informed after an update through in-app notifications. In case required a Client needs to approve the changes that are made within the policy/policies.


SpinPanel application availability is 99,9%.

As SpinPanel is hosted within Microsoft Azure, SpinPanel relies on availability of the Microsoft Azure platform. Availability information from Microsoft is described here and here​.

The SpinPanel platform itself is unavailable during announced maintenance windows. During this period users are receiving an informational web page telling them the platform is currently unavailable due to an update. Once the platform update has been finished, the temporary web page is removed which will grant Clients access to the platform again.