September 2019

The following changes were implemented in September of 2019.

Role management

  • Fixed and hid General Roles - currently two general roles are applied, other roles to be re-implemented with upcoming release(s)
  • Apply-to-customer-only-toggle does not update role immediately
  • Implemented various fixes to flow/UI
  • Added access control support on side menus
  • Fixed issues with role creation
  • Added immediately saving customers when saving role
  • Now directly saves role when customer is (un)assigned
  • Modified checks on access controls
  • Currently one global role, License management, is available granting users access to do license management.
    • The second global role, Role management, has been removed as only the Show reports access control is required to grant users access to roles is required.
    • Other global roles to be determined and brought back into place in a future update.
  • On a partner role the partner organization is added to the Customer assignment tab by default.
    • At least one organization is required to be assigned to a role, therefore the last customer has a grayed out X icon next to it.
    • So remove the partner organization from a partner role, because a partner for instance only wants to allow colleagues access to customer information and not the partner organization, first customer(s) need to be added and then the partner organization can be removed.
    • Note: if colleagues of a partner organization require Report management on customers, the partner organization is required to be assigned to that role through the Customer assignment tab on that role. This is due to the fact that the first menu, which contains the link to the reports, is based on access controls in the logged in (partner) organization.
    • Note: advise partners to assign the Basic user role to colleagues on partner roles. This is not required on customer roles.
  • UPN has been added in the User assignment tab on a role. This helps when a person exists multiple times with the same display name in Azure AD (for instance with an AAD account from the own organization and an external account).
  • When enabling a general role (i.e. License management) the check marks on the Access controlstab next to the groups are shown. This way it is easy to determine in which group specific access controls are enabled.
  • Resolved an issue where roles created within end customer organizations were shown as partner roles instead of customer roles.


User interface / user experience

  • When adding/editing a user, it's possible to choose vanity domains. Vanity domain configuration will still need to be done over at Microsoft, but when for instance multiple domains are configured, users can choose from a list of available domains to create users with the desired domain immediately
  • Fixed flickering screens on user, role and group details pages
  • Fixed outlining of the page side menu
  • Fixed the persona image for UserDetail
  • Fixed latency issues when using Edge
  • Adjusted the layout of Autotask Products page
  • Removed Configure MPNId option
  • Added back buttons for organization pages
  • Added a back button to Service detail page
  • Removed 'Reset' button from added user page
  • The city of customer organizations is now shown on the customer overview page. This information is being gathered from the Microsoft Partner Center.
  • Numbers have been removed on several overview pages (i.e. next to Available organizations / Assigned organizations) as incorrect values could be shown which caused confusion. Correct numbers are to be reintroduced in a future release.
  • Alignment, font sizing and colors have been adjusted on several overview pages.
  • Disabled toggles are adjusted to make clear an end user is prohibited from adjusting these.
  • Several translation issues have been resolved, as some translations where missing or incorrect.


Relationship settings

  • Fixed issue with the send all subscription toggle
  • Relationship setting for Azure mark-up now editable


  • Fixed an issue where details page showed incorrect information
  • Custom product details & edit migrated to the new UI 


  • Set fall back on theme defaults if no theme has been set
  • Fixed initial/default value of organization's theme
  • Fixed logo size/background in view mode
  • Fixed issue with logo upload
  • Added theme logo to overlay 


  • Optimized code with regards to performance
  • Added fix to save subscription details
  • Implemented back button
  • Storefront settings are moved from the Solution tab to a separate page.
  • The storefront view on the Subscriptions overview page is now working for end customers. In the previous release this was only available for partner organizations. Through the buttons on the top of the overview it is possible to switch between the list view or the storefront view.


  • Implemented notification triggers
  • Hid notification panel when user gets signed out
  • Reintroduced ‘?’ icon in top bar
  • Created notification when creating a group 


  • Changed Graph admin consent prompt on plans page
  • Redirected user to plans upgrade page if organization plan is free


  • A date/time picker is introduced on the User configuration pages instead of a text field. This prevents users from using an incorrect date/time format.
  • Resolved an issue with large Client app files that prevented users from uploading these files.
  • Resolved inconsistency on printer template icons.
  • Resolved several issues with regards to saving a PowerShell script.
  • Added printer templates support
  • Policy property group now shows no data instead of vanishing, also fixed WorkSpace side menu
  • Fixed WorkSpace dashboard chart


  • Only show Enable billing function on the Subscriptions overview when the Autotask solution has been enabled.
  • Several pages within the Autotask solution now show empty dropdowns, where in the previous release the first organization for example was automatically selected which could cause confusion.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented users from saving Autotask contract mappings.
  • Resolved an issue which required users to refresh the page after saving an Autotask custom service name.
  • When the Send all subscriptions option is enabled for an end customer, new subscriptions which are imported into Spinpanel are automatically enabled for billing purposes to be used within the Autotask solution.
  • Renamed View in Autotask overview side menu
  • Added back button to Autotask pages


  • Improvements have been made to general performance, where in this release we have focused on Service management pages and the time it takes for the menus to load, taking access controls into consideration. In future releases we will keep adding improvements with regards to overall performance.