Power BI premium reports

Spinpanel reports are powered by Power BI Premium and give you great insights into Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services!

Please note: reports are synchronized every 24 hours.

Reports menu

In the menu you find a number of reports that are available out of the box. Reports are categorized to make sure you can easily find what you're looking for.

Looking at this from a partner perspective, you get a single overview of all of your customers.

Looking at this from a customer perspective, you have the ability to get detailed information about your own organization.

Report categories


Azure reports give an overview of all Microsoft Azure (plan) usage and Azure resources used during a selected period. The reports show in-depth information of Azure usage per resource and active Azure resources. It also shows estimated costs for the partner based on the current usage.


Invoice reports give you insights over invoices of Microsoft Azure subscriptions as well as Microsoft Office services. Through a dashboard, timeline and report view it is possible to look at the invoice data from different perspectives.


The reports in this section provide insights over a combination of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office and custom Spinpanel products as well as an overview of the usage of subscriptions.