Relationship Settings Overview

This article will give you a short description about the functionalities of the Relationship settings.


Self Service: With this toggle enabled, your customers will have the ability to manage their own licenses. Note: Users will not be able to self-service unless given the appropriate access controls. Knowledge base to setup roles.


ReportingThis toggle enables report access for your end customers. Note: Users will not be able to access reports unless given the appropriate access controls. Knowledge base to setup roles.


Partner Center Sync: This toggle enables the sync between the Partner Center and Spinpanel for this customer. The Partner Center sync updates users and subscriptions in Spinpanel. This toggle is enabled by default.


Microsoft Azure Sync: When this toggle is enabled your Azure Usage gets synchronized  into Spinpanel. This azure usage can be used with the Spinpanel reports and billing connectors.


Unmanaged License Sync: When this toggle is enabled, Spinpanel syncs NON-CSP licenses (Enterprise Agreement  etc). End customers can manage these licenses on a user level.


Auto License AdjustmentWhen the Spinpanel auto license adjustment toggle is enabled in the relationship settings, Spinpanel reconciles the assigned licenses with the total licenses. 

  • If the number of licenses on a subscription for a customer is larger than the number of assigned licenses, the quantity on the subscription in the Microsoft Partner Center will be adjusted to match the number of actual assigned licenses.
    • Example: If a customer has 12 M365 Licenses and only 10 are assigned to users then the Spinpanel Auto license adjustment feature will return the extra 2 licenses bringing the total M365 Licenses to 10.
  • If a customer has multiple subscriptions in Partner Center for the same offer, the subscription quantity is merged onto the oldest subscription and other subscription(s) will be suspended.
    • Example: If a customer has two existing Office 365 Enterprise E3 subscriptions both with a quantity of 5 assigned licenses. The quantity on the newest subscription is set to 1 and this subscription will be suspended. The quantity on the oldest subscription is increased to 10.
  • If a subscription in the Microsoft Partner Center does not have any assigned licenses, it will be suspended.

Note: The Spinpanel auto increment feature is required to be enabled for the Auto license adjustment to function properly.


Send all subscriptions: When this toggle is enabled, billing is enabled on all subscriptions for this customer. The advantage of enabling this setting is that you do not need to enable billing on any new or existing subscriptions that become available for this customer. This setting will need to be enabled for any new customers that you add to your partner network.


Spinpanel Auto IncrementThe Spinpanel Auto Increment setting helps maintain a buffer of available licenses for a customer. This setting is useful if a customer requires a buffer of licenses to be available at all times. When adding licenses to a user in Spinpanel, Spinpanel will automatically provision a new license for the user without checking if there are available licenses.

  • Example: A customer has a total of 10 M365 licenses, 8 of them are assigned to users. If Spinpanel Auto Increment is enabled and the customer adds a M365 license to another user, Spinpanel will go out and provision one more M365 license. The new total of M365 licenses will be 11 and 9 of the M365 licenses are assigned to users.


Azure reports mark-up (%)If a partner gives access to their customers to log into Spinpanel and review the Azure Usage and Billing reports the partner will want to make sure the customer see's the cost the customer is getting from the partner and not the partners cost. Specify the markup rate percentage in the field, the default value is 17.65%. Then the value in the Azure cost reports will show the Partners cost with the addition to the markup rate.