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Quick Start Guide

This article will walk you through how to instantly get started with SpinPanel.

After you retrieve SpinPanel from Microsoft AppSource, an onboarding wizard assists in setting up SpinPanel. If you are a Microsoft customer and your partner invited you to use SpinPanel, just have your personal invite code ready, you will need it during onboarding. If you are a CSP direct partner or CSP indirect provider, you will also need to prepare your Microsoft Partner Center.

Enable API access for SpinPanel for CSP direct partners or indirect providers

Sign in with your organization's admin account.

From the Overview page, select View your organization profile at the bottom of the page. Next, select App Management in the left navigation pane.

Now click Add new native app, this new app will be listed as Partner Center Native App.

Copy the App ID and Domain, you’ll need these for onboarding.

We recommend you create a separate user (service account) for Microsoft Partner Center communication. Multi-factor authentication for the service account should be disabled. If the password of the service account changes, you will need to update the credentials in SpinPanel.

Create a new user for SpinPanel e.g. spinpanel@domain (where domain is your organization’s account domain) through User management.

In the Roles and permissions section, select Manage your organization’s account as Billing admin and Assists your customers as Admin agent.

Continue to follow the steps in the onboarding wizard.