Off-boarding Customers

This article will explain the requirements and process to off-board customers from Spinpanel.

If you, the Microsoft Partner, would like to remove a customer from Spinpanel please review the following requirements, considerations, and process.


  • The Microsoft Relationship must be removed
    • Confirm by going to the Microsoft Partner Center > Customers and make sure the customer no longer shows up in this list


  • Once the customer is removed they will no longer appear in Spinpanel anywhere
    • Historical data will no longer be available in the Spinpanel reports
  • If you are using any of Spinpanel's Billing Connectors, wait till month end after all subscriptions and usage has been billed before removing the customer
    • CSV Connector: Remove the customer mapping after the final invoice has been sent
    • Autotask Connector: Remove the services from the Autotask contract after the final invoice has been sent


  • Send an email to Spinpanel Support at and include the following information:
    • Request for customer removal
    • Name of the customer
    • Customer Tenant ID
    • The * domain


Spinpanel Support will then process your request and send you an update once the customer has been successfully removed.