November 2019

Updates to the Spinpanel platform in November of 2019 included but were not limited to:

User interface
  • Improved breadcrumbs throughout the solution
    • In a previous version of Spinpanel breadcrumbs weren't implemented correctly on several places
  • Implemented and adjusted several (missing) breadcrumbs
  • Added notification when a user without a role logs in
    • A message stating "You don't have a role assigned, please contact your administrator" is shown when a user without a role assigned logs in.
  • Added several missing translations throughout the solution
  • Implement a spinner whilst loading the customers overview from partner perspective
  • Included a message whilst loading the user detail page stating data is being gathered


  • Improved logging of the WorkSpace Agent to the Spinpanel platform
    • This logging is used to populate the PowerBI dashboard which is shown on the WorkSpace solutions page
  • Assigned Client apps are no longer shown in the Available policies overview
  • Display name and UPN are shown on assignment of a policy
  • Extend existing drive mapping policies with new/other drive mappings
  • Pop-up is shown when removing a WorkSpace policy from a user that this is not possible due to group assignment
  • Implemented a fix on Windows 10 update policies
  • Implemented a fix on Profile templates


  • Fixed an issue where a contract line could not be saved
  • Fixed an issue where assigning a role with report management resulted in an infinite spinner
  • Added general User management role that provides the option to quickly grant user management permissions to a role
  • Hid external users on role assignment pages
  • From partner perspective we have extended the Storefront settings
    • En-/disable Storefront on global level
    • En-/disable Storefront for multiple customers
    • En-/disable Storefront per customer
    • Hide/show price information in storefront from customer perspective