Map services & products to an Autotask Contract

Before you can synchronize your Office 365, Azure or custom services to Autotask you need to map them to a contract in Autotask.

To map services to a contract, first select Solutions > Autotask > Contracts from the menu, then select a customer from the customer drop-down.

contract mapping

Click to open a service or Azure resource. In the Map Spinpanel Service pane you have two options to map a contract:

  • Have Spinpanel create the Autotask contract.
  • Map to an existing contract in Autotask.

Have Spinpanel create the Autotask contract

If you switch Spinpanel managed on and enter a value for the contract start day, the Spinpanel Autotask synchronization job will create a recurring service contract in Autotask.

If the contract is successfully created in Autotask the status column for the concerning service will show a green dot. 

Map to an existing contract in Autotask

Most of the time you will want to map all services for one customer to the same contract or map some types of services to one contract and other types of services to another contract. To do that make sure Spinpanel managed is switched off and enter the ID for the contract in Autotask you want to map the service to.

a contract-1


The Spinpanel Autotask synchronization job needs to run to validate the mapping. If this is done successfully, the status column for the service will show a green dot and the Autotask contract name column will show the name of the Autotask contract you mapped.

This will need to be done on any new services or Azure resource groups added on each individual customer.


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