Managing Users in the Partner Organization

Users from the partner organization are automatically synchronized. Users require a role in order to use Spinpanel WorkSpace. Users do not need any specific rights in the Microsoft tenant of the partner.


Assigning roles to users

  1. Select My organization
  2. Select Active users to view active users in the partner tenant
  3. Select a user
  4. Select Roles
    1. Select an Available role, the role is instantly assigned
    2. Select an Assigned role, the role is instantly removed

Assign a role to multiple users through a user group

  1. Select My organization
  2. Select Groups
  3. Select Add, User
  4. Enter a name and description for the group
  5. From Available group members select users from the partner organization
    1. Select Roles
    2. Select Group Assignment
    3. Select a group to assign

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