January 2020

Changes to the Spinpanel platform in January of 2020 included but were not limited to:

New Features

  • We’ve added a new button to the “Customer Assignment” sections of roles within Spinpanel, eliminating the need to add or remove customers one at a time.


  • New updates to the “Technical Provisioning Credentials” page including:
    • We’ve hidden the obsolete username and password details due to using the Secure app model of Microsoft.
    • We’ve changed the name of the setting "Allow Spinpanel to access your Partner Center" so it now reads "Connect Spinpanel to Microsoft Partner Center”. No technical changes have been made, use this option to allow Spinpanel access to your Microsoft Partner Center.
    • We’ve added a new button called “Connect Spinpanel to Microsoft Azure” to support synchronization of Microsoft Azure Plan subscriptions.
  • The performance related to the loading of the user detail for all pages in Spinpanel has been improved.
  • We have changed the font for the Spinpanel page to Roboto.
  • Upgraded the alert that is displayed when trying to delete a user that has roles, products or groups assigned. The message now includes more detail about the impact of the change and now says that the user has resources assigned and that they will also be removed.


  • Implemented a fix so that all products are displayed in the Available products list.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to remove a user from a user assignment. Instead of removing the user, the page would refresh, and the user would still be displayed in the list.
  • When logged in as a partner you would see the all services in the main list including Spinpanel WorkSpace services that aren’t supposed to be listed there. In case a service contains a combination of Microsoft and Spinpanel WorkSpace products, the service is shown in the overview.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow a partner to create a user in a customers organization without being prompted for Administrator consent or forwarded to Microsoft to grant the consent. Instead nothing would happen, or the user is redirected to the user creation page in case consent has been previously granted.
  • Fixed a UI bug that caused two scroll bars to appear visible on the right side of the window.
  • Corrected an issue when a partner has the correct delegated access, they still see an error when trying to delete a user from one of their customers.