February 2020

Changes to the Spinpanel platform in February of 2020 included the following:

What's New
  • In the Autotask Connector there is now an option to reset a service and clear out the existing settings. This is helpful when modifying the configuration on a service that has already been synchronized to Autotask.


  • Renamed "Users" to "Available Users" when assigning users to a role to improve clarity.
  • Improved the UI response when assigning multiple users to a role.
  • Improved the UI response when selecting "Group Assignment" inside a role.
  • Updated the roles so that customers are unable to modify the access controls for the built in roles.
  • Improved the UI by not showing the "Customer Assignment" tab when looking at a role from a customers point of view.
  • Improved the CVS Billing Session page to sort the line items by the most recent date.
  • Improved the Autotask Contracts page so cached data would no longer show up incorrectly.


Bug Fixes

  • When the partner organization is removed from a partner role, the role would disappear. Now the role will stay visible for the partner. 
  • When modifying access controls on a role these changes would save intermittently. Now all role access control changes save properly.
  • When trying to assign an organizational product to a customer Spinpanel would hang. Now organizational products are able to be assigned to customers successfully.