How to enable Self-Service for customers

With Spinpanel you can offer self-service license management to your end customers. Here's how.

Step-by-step instructions

If you want to enable one of your end customers to self-service their licenses, you need to:

  1. Enable self-servicing for your end customer
  2. Create a role for license management
  3. Assign a role with sufficient rights for license management

Step 1 - Enabling self-service

To enable self-service for one of your end customers, click on Relationships and select a customer form the right hand side window.

Once you click on a customer, you can use the toggle under the 'Relationship settings' and move it to the right as indicated in the screen below:

self service 1-2

Step 2 - Creating a role for license management

After you enabled self-service, you also need to assign a role to at least one user with your end customer, giving that user sufficient permissions to assign licenses.

You can create a role that will only give permissions for license management.

Available roles:

  • License management
  • Report management
  • User management

Select 'Roles' under the Manage section and click Add.

Give it a role name and a short description(optional).

Once its saved , you will find a License Management toggle button under the general tab, which you need to move to the right for the feature to be enabled. Screen captured as below.

Step 3 - Assigning a role for license management

Once you've created a role with sufficient permissions for license management, you must assign this role to one or more users of your end customer.

For more information on assigning a role to a user, please read this article.