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How To Enable Report Access for Your End Customers

You can offer your end customers access to SpinPanel reporting.

To enable report access for one of your customers you need to do the following:

  • Enable report access for your end customer
  • Create a role for report access
  • Assign a role for report access

Enabling report access

To allow one of your end customers to have access to reports in SpinPanel, open Settings>Relationship settings. From the Relationship drop-down, select the end customer you want to have report access, click SpinPanel settings and after that click the Edit-button. Switch the option Reporting on.


Creating a role for report access

After you enabled report access for your end customer, you also need to assign a role to at least one user with your end customer, giving that user sufficient permissions to view reports. You can create a role that will only give permissions for viewing reports. 

To create a role, in the SpinPanel side menu, open Settings > Role management. As the role needs to be created for your end customer's organisation, make sure your end customer is selected inside the organisation drop-down in the top right hand corner.

Inside the Role management page, click the Add-button. Inside the New role side-pane, fill in a value for Role name, e.g. "Report access", switch on the Report management toggle and click the Save-button. Switching on this toggle ensures that all permissions required for report access are turned on for the role.


Assigning a role for report access

Once you've created a role with sufficient permissions for report access, you must assign this role to one or more users of your end customer.

Note: after you assigned the role to a user, it can take up to 48 hours before the actual report information is available to the user.

For more information on assigning a role to a user, you can read this article.