Enable the Autotask Connector

Follow these steps to enable the Autotask connector in your environment.

Autotask Requirements

In Autotask you will need to make a few changes to prepare for the Autotask connector.

  1. Create an Autotask API user account and give it full permissions
  2. Setup an “Autotask Billing Code” and make the type equal to “Service”
  3. Setup an “Autotask Material Code” and make the type equal to “Service”

Enable the Autotask Connector

Log into Spinpanel and go to “My Organization”, “Solution Settings”, “Autotask Settings” and click “Autotask”. A box will pop up and ask you if you are sure you want to enable Autotask, select “Yes”.

Input your Autotask Credentials

Select “Configure you Autotask credentials” and input the username and password of the API user you created previously and then select “Save”.

Configure your Autotask Service

Select “Configure you Autotask Service” and fill out the settings:

  1. Click the toggle next to Autotask Synchronization to the right to set this to enabled
  2. Vendor Name: Input the vendor you would like listed on the services that are pulled into Autotask (Note: The vendor must be created in Autotask and named the exact same)
  3. Global Product Markup Rate (%): Input your Global Markup rate percentage for Azure
  4. Global Service Markup Rate (%): Input your Global Markup rate percentage for CSP subscriptions and customer resources
  5. Contract start date (number): Input your Microsoft Invoice Date
  6. Service allocation name: Input the Autotask Billing Code you created in Autotask
  7. Microsoft Azure material code: Input the Autotask Material Code you created in Autotask
  8. Microsoft Azure bundled usage: If this feature is not enabled, all your Azure products will show up as line items on your Autotask invoice. If you enable this feature, all your Azure products will be bundled under one-line item under the name that you specify in the box below

Contact Support

At this point email support@spinpanel.com so we can setup your Autotask sync job to run automatically. Once that Autotask Sync job is enabled you can go onto the next step of Mapping your customers to their Autotask ID.