Enable Billing on Subscriptions

Billing needs to be enabled on subscriptions before they can be mapped in the Spinpanel Autotask connector. Billing can be enabled on a customer for all subscriptions or individually on subscriptions.

Enable all subscriptions for a customer

To enable billing for all subscriptions of a specific customer enable the following setting.

  • Go to "Relationships" > Select the specific customer
  • Scroll down to "Relationship Settings" > "Spinpanel Settings"
  • Switch on the toggle for Send all subscriptions.send all sbscriptions
  • This setting will need to be enabled for any new customer that you add to your partner network.

ℹ️ Important

The advantage of enabling all subscriptions through the relationship settings is that you do not need to enable any new or existing subscriptions that become available for a customer.

If you want to exclude subscriptions from becoming available in the billing connector, i.e. unmanaged subscriptions, you can enable single subscriptions. You will need to do this for every new subscription.

Enable a single subscription

To enable billing on a single subscription, enable the following setting.

  • Go to "Relationships" > Select the specific customer
  • Select "Active subscriptions" > Select the specific subscription
  • Click the edit button > turn on the switch for "Billing".


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