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Enable Billing on Subscriptions

Billing needs to be enabled on subscriptions before they become available in SpinPanel's Autotask connector. You can: Enable all subscriptions for a customer Enable a single subscription

Enable all subscriptions for a customer

If you want to enable billing for all subscriptions of a specific customer, you can proceed as follows:

  • Make sure your own (partner) organisation is selected in the organisation drop down in the top right hand corner.
  • Select Settings > Relationship settings from the menu.
  • Select the customer in the Relationship drop-down on top of the Relationship settings page.

spinpanel autotask 2png
  • Click SpinPanel settings to open the SpinPanel settings side pane and click the Edit-button.
  • Switch on the toggle for Send all subscriptions.

spinpanel autotask 4

The advantage of enabling all subscriptions through relationship settings is that you do not need to enable any new subscriptions that become available for a customer.

Enable a single subscription

To enable a single subscription, proceed as follows:

  • Select the concerning customer in the organisation drop-down.
  • Select Services > Active subscriptions from the menu.
  • Click the subscription you want to enable and switch on Enable billing.

spinpanel autotask 5

If you enable subscriptions in this way, you will need to do this for every new subscription. However this allows you to leave out specific subscriptions from becoming available in the billing connector, i.e. unmanaged subscriptions.