What Spinpanel features can I use with Tech Data StreamOne integration

Due to Tech Data's limitations, not all Spinpanel features are available to resellers who integrate through StreamOne.

Spinpanel, without Tech Data's limitations, integrates directly with Partner Center to manage CSP. If you buy CSP via Tech Data, you still have the option to use Spinpanel with a limited set of functionality. You can find the supported features in the list. Not all features are available upon the release of the integration. These features have an estimated delivery date.

Feature Supported Unsupported
License management X  
User management X
Tenant admin consent required
Unmanaged sync X  
Auto license adjustment   X
Subscription management X  
Purchase subscriptions X  
Microsoft invoice support   X
Azure plan cost management sync X  
Autotask - Office licenses   X
Autotask - Custom products   X
Autotask - Azure legacy   X
Autotask - Azure plan   X
Reports - Subscriptions X  
Reports - Azure legacy   X
Reports - Azure plan X  
Price plan management X  
Price plan management Tech Data specific Q2 2021  
Storefront v1.1   X
Storefront v1.2 X  
CSV - Office licenses   X
CSV - Azure legacy   X
CSV - Azure plan   X
CSV - Custom licenses   X
Spinpanel API X