What is new in Storefront 1.2

Storefront is a solution for Partners and their customers to be able to easily manage subscriptions and custom products. Storefront makes it possible to purchase Microsoft subscriptions and/or to adjust the number of licenses in a subscriptions

In version 1.1 it is possible to use a Storefront view which shows products that are available through Spinpanel Services including descriptions and pricing. Next to the Storefront 1.1 view, it has always been possible to use the list view of active subscriptions through which quantities can be managed as well.

Due to a complex implementation of Storefront 1.1 view, performance is staying behind. We find this unacceptable and therefore we are investing heavily in a new user interface. Until that time, we have chosen another approach for Storefront which is explained below:

Storefront 1.2 adjustments

  • Independent of having the Storefront feature enabled on a Partner level, the default view will be the subscription list view.
  • In case the Storefront feature is enabled, a user will still have the option to use the Storefront 1.1 view from the subscriptions page.
  • Dependent on having the Storefront feature enabled on a Partner level, for customer organizations a new page called ‘Buy subscription’ is presented.
  • The ‘Buy subscription’ page will show available products (subscriptions) that can be purchased based on assigned price plans.
    • One or more offers can be added to the shopping cart, a user can specify a desired quantity of licenses and set the billing cycle (monthly or annual).

Buy Subscriptions

How-to: The Partner creates a price plan and adds the desired Microsoft offers (e.g. Microsoft 365 E1 and Microsoft 365 E3). For each offer, the Partner can set a custom price or use Microsoft’s ERP price. The price plan is then assigned to one or more customer organizations. On the ‘Buy subscriptions’ page, the configured Microsoft 365 offers will be returned to the customer organization for purchasing purposes.

  • Note: Only new subscriptions can be bought, via 'Buy subscriptions' in case an offer from a price plan is already purchased by the customer, this will show up on the 'Active subscriptions' page.