Unassign licenses from a user

Unassign previously assigned Microsoft 365 licenses from a user.

ℹ️ This article applies to Home > Users > [selected user] > Licenses > Unassign license

The user performing these operations must be assigned the Spinpanel License Administrators role.

Unassign a license from a user

  1. From the Manage menu on the left-hand side, select Users.

  2. Select the user by clicking on their name
  3. Select the Microsoft 365 menu item in the middle menu.
  4. Select a license from the list by clicking the check box.
  5. Select Unassign license from the top middle menu.
  6. Select Confirm to unassign the license from the user. The license will be returned to the pool and is ready to assign to another user. If you no longer need the license you must decrease the license quantity to find it no longer on your invoice after the subscription period has expired.

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