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Spinpanel in combination with the CSP indirect model

Among other things, Spinpanel can be utilized to sell and bill licenses to customers via an indirect reseller. When the Indirect provider wants to use Spinpanel in such a fashion they need to partner with Microsoft in the Indirect model CSP program.

Sales Channel

In the indirect model, indirect providers (also known as distributors) purchase Microsoft products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft through Spinpanel, and sell to customers by way of indirect resellers who resell to their customers also through Spinpanel. This can be done either through their in-house sales staff or via customer self-service when enabling Spinpanel Storefront for the customer.

Authorized reseller relationship

The Indirect reseller and the customer need the proper reseller relationship authorization with the indirect provider to be able to provision licenses.


Before you start using Spinpanel

Step 1

The distributor has to enroll as an indirect provider. Indirect providers can use Spinpanel to manage billing and provisioning.

Step 2

Invite the indirect reseller to establish a reseller relationship with you. Please follow this link to read all about connecting with indirect resellers.

Step 3

Invite the customer to establish a reseller relationship with you and associate them with the indirect reseller. Please follow this link to read all about establishing a relationship with customers and associate them with an indirect reseller.

After the reseller relationship has been established

When the indirect reseller and the customer have established the reseller relationship, the in-house sales staff of the indirect provider and the indirect reseller can (re)sell and manage licenses on the customers’ behalf through Spinpanel. When the indirect provider or the indirect reseller enable self-service for the customer, they can use Spinpanel Storefront to buy and manage licenses themselves.