Spinpanel End-Customer Guide

Spinpanel allows you to self-provision Office 365 CSP licenses as well as view reports on Azure costs and various other insights.

To login to Spinpanel navigate to https://app.spinpanel.com/ and login with your Office 365 account. (Access permissions are granted by your Partner.) 

Main Menu

License Provisioning

There are two ways to provision licenses. You can provision licenses at a user level or at organization level.

User License Provisioning:

  1. Select "Users" from the Main Menu.


2.  Add or Select a User and assign (+) a license from the available licenses.

available licenses

3.  Choose the features of the license and select "Save" to complete the provisioning.

To remove a license from a user, select the (X) on the license under "Assigned licenses" and confirm the removal in the pop-up box. 

assigned licenses

Modify Subscription Quantities:

  1.  Select "Subscriptions" from the Main Menu.

  2.  Select the Subscription you would like to modify, select edit, modify the license quantity and select "Save".

Buy subscriptions

When you want to assign a license to a user of a subscription you do not already own, you must buy the subscription first via the "Buy subscriptions" page.

  1. To buy licenses of a new subscription, you have to navigate to the organizations' overview page. And select 'Buy subscriptions.'
  2. On the 'Buy subscriptions' page, look up the subscription you want to purchase in the 'Available products' section. (Hit enter to view all available subscriptions.)
  3. Select the subscriptions using the “+” icon. It will add the subscription to the shopping cart.
  4. To change the number of licenses you want to purchase, select the pencil icon. Change the quantity and press Save to finalize.
  5. Review the order and select Buy at the top of the page if you are satisfied with the amount and the billing cycle of choice.


Use the Spinpanel Reports to get an overview of your Azure Cost, Azure Usage and License Overviews. From the Main Menu select "Reports" and use the Overview to understand the information being presented from these reports. 


Contact your Partner if you have any questions or concerns.