Spinpanel Azure plan Consent

Follow these steps to grant consent for Spinpanel to your Azure Resource Management (Azure plan)

Note: Spinpanel follows Microsoft's latest Secure Application Model to safely and securely integrate with Microsoft API's

Spinpanel Service Account

Verify that the Spinpanel Service Account in your Partner Center is setup with the following:

  • Global Admin Role (scale back to Billing Admin after the consent is successful)
  • Admin Agent Role access to your customers
  • Multifactor Authentication setup on the service account 

Connect Spinpanel to Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure Resource Management consent is required to sync in the Azure Plan usage for your customers. 

  1. Log in to https://app.spinpanel.com with an account that has the Administrator role
  2. Scroll down to "Organization settings"  and select "Configure your administrator credentials"
  3. Find the "Connect Spinpanel to Microsoft Azure" option and select "Grant consent" 
    Connect SP to Microsoft Azure
  4. A Microsoft Authentication page will pop up, select "Use another account"
  5. Input the Spinpanel service account username and password
    NOTE: Multifactor Authentication must come up during this login process for the token to be generated successfully!
  6. Accept the "Permissions requested" and confirm the consent is successful

You can leave the Consent on behalf of your organization unchecked.

Update the Spinpanel Service Account Role Access

Adjust the Spinpanel Service Account Role from "Global Admin" to "Billing Admin". 

Note: The "Admin Agent" role is still required.