Spinpanel API access

The Spinpanel API Gateway is the core of the API management solution. The gateway ensures that API calls are processed correctly. The API lifecycle is also managed via the gateway.

Spinpanel APIs allow access to customer-, subscription- and billing data. With Spinpanel APIs advanced scenarios can be automated.  For instance, when you combine the APIs of an HRM system with Spinpanels APIs, developers can create scenarios to automate manual tasks that normally require multiple applications.

Multiple application example: when a new user is created in the HRM system, check Spinpanel for available licenses, purchase new licenses, and assign licenses to the user.

This also allows for offboarding scenarios where the user is deactivated in the HRM system and the licenses are returned.

The following assumptions, preconditions, and limitations apply to our APIs:

  • At no surcharge, Spinpanel partners can use the standard API plan.
  • The standard API plan provides 2000 API calls per 24 hours.
  • Extra API calls are available at a surcharge.
  • Available API calls are on a per subscription basis (e.g. Spinpanel for 365, Spinpanel for Azure, Spinpanel Storefront i.e. each subscription has 2000 calls per 24 hours available.)
  • Over usage results in a 403 Forbidden response status code.
  • API calls (and the synchronous response) must comply with the web service specification of Spinpanel.
  • All API calls between Spinpanel and your middleware are (near) real-time.
  • The response data may contain data that is of age because it depends on sync jobs between Microsoft and Spinpanel (e.g. invoice data, Azure report data, etc.).
  • APIs are documented on the developer portal, the use is based on self-service.
  • Partners can make use of Spinpanel development to get in-depth technical support available per time block (a time block consists of a block of 3 up to 4 hours which has a fixed price of € 500 and will be planned in consult).

Request access:


Create an Azure AD user within your tenant with administrative rights and flag it as an API user.


After the API user has been created request API access by filling out this form


After completing the form an onboarding call will be planned in consult. Please allow this to take up to 5 workdays.