Scope assignments

Roles show who has been granted access to perform operations for organizations in scope. Individual users or a group of users can be in scope. When you assign a member to a role, you first select the user or group and attach the scope type.

ℹ️ This article applies to Home > Roles and administrators > [selected role] > Scopes

The user performing these operations must be assigned the Spinpanel Role Administrators role.

Review the scope of a role to see granted privileges

  1. From the Manage menu on the left-hand side, select Roles and administrators.

  2. Select a role from the list by selecting the role name.

    In the description, you can read what privileges users obtain after they have been assigned the role. For the exact permissions belonging to a role, you can review Role permissions.

  3. Switch the view to Scopes by selecting the menu item. Here you see an overview of all assigned scopes.
    • The Scope name column displays the scope name, which is automatically created during scope creation and consists of the organization name the scope has been assigned to.
    • The Assigned member column displays the individual user or the group of users.
    • The Principal name column displays the email address of an individual user.
    • The Assignment type column displays whether the scope has been added to an individual user or group of users.
    • The Scope type column displays the type—I.e. Administrative unit, an Organization, or Resource groups scope.