Spinpanel offers role-based permissions for the application to let you customize what your employees and customers have access to.

Partner Level Roles

A partner must go to “My Organization” and then “Roles” to modify roles for its own organization and to create customer template roles. When a partner goes to “Add role” there are two options that come up.

Add partner role: This is a role that gets applied to user accounts inside your partner tenant. These roles can have the ability to manage your tenant, all your customers tenants or a subset of customers tenants.

Add customer role: This is a role that is created as a template role that can be shared with customer organizations. Create this customer role, assign the permissions you would like, then select the customers you would like this role to be available for.


There are two group created by default:

Administrator (system): This role has full administrator privileges for Spinpanel. The access controls cannot be changed. By default, the first person that logs into Spinpanel gets added to this group. Only use this role for user accounts that should have full access.

Basic User: This role has least amount of privileges needed to allow Spinpanel to load. The access controls cannot be changed. With this role you can only load the “My organization” panel.


Customer Level Roles

Roles can be assigned at a customer level as well. As a partner go to “Customers”, select your customer, select “Roles” under the “Customer Profile” page. As a customer, if you have the permissions to edit roles, go to “My organization” and then “Roles”. Here you can add a role, select the permissions you require or select a template role provided by the partner and just assign users or groups.

Assigning Access Control to Roles

When modifying permissions on the roles you have two tabs. The first tab, called “General”, has high level permissions that can be toggled by a switch. When they are toggled it adds the required Access Controls needed for that access. If you would like to specify access on a more granular level you can go to the “Access Controls” tab, select the “edit” button to the right of the Access Control group and then toggle the individual access controls.

Note: If you are modifying roles using the “Access Controls” it is recommended that you add a test user to the role and test that the required access is given to do the jobs you are trying to accomplish.