Partner branding

Partner branding enables organizations to implement their company's house style in Spinpanel. You can upload your logo and apply colors to the control panel.

You can find this setting under My organization > Partner branding > Partner branding

Example of Spinpanel's branded control panel

See the source image

Organization logo

The logo will be applied in the top left corner of the control panel. Please note that your logo will be placed on the background color of choice.

Logo dimensions:  max. 200x40 pixels

Logo file size: max. 300kb

Logo format: *.png *.jpg or *.gif

Organization colors

The colors will be applied to the control panel and the primary color is the background color the logo is applied on. The color can be chosen by using the color picker or you can copy-paste the HEX color code directly in the input field.

Theme colors

Primary: applies to the top bar and buttons