Manage user group membership

Review the groups a user is a member of and add memberships or remove memberships. Users can be a member of Spinpanel, Azure Security, or Microsoft 365 groups.

ℹ️ This article applies to Home > Users > [selected user] > Groups

The user performing these operations must be assigned the Spinpanel User Group Administrators role.

Add memberships or remove memberships of a user via the user memberships overview

  1. From the Manage menu on the left-hand side select Users.

  2. Select the user by clicking on their name.
  3. Select the Groups menu item in the middle menu.
  4. Manage group memberships.
    1. Add memberships
    2. Remove memberships

Add memberships

  1. Select Add memberships from the top middle menu.
  2. Select one or more groups from the Select groups list.
  3. Click Select to add one or more groups to the user.

Remove memberships

  1. Select one or more groups by clicking on their name.
  2. Select Remove memberships from the top middle menu.
  3. Click Confirm to delete the selected groups for the user.

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