Live License Retrieval

Live License Retrieval in Spinpanel allows product users to retrieve user license data in real-time

Live License Retrieval collects live license data pertaining to users in Partner Center (available and assigned). For example; when a license is assigned, Live License Retrieval automatically provisions it immediately in Partner Center.

The image below shows a clear distinction between available purchased subscriptions from Microsoft and subscriptions that are new to the user. The purchased subscriptions can be assigned immediately if they are licenses available. If no licenses are available, you first have to raise the license quantity. Behind each Microsoft license, there is a 'Buy more' link available. This link will redirect you to the Active Subscriptions page where you can increase license quantities.

When a license is about to be assigned and the user (with permission to purchase) sees that they do not have any available (as shown in the image below), they can click on the “Buy more” option (please note that this does not apply to Custom Products).

This will redirect you to be active subscriptions page where you can increase the number of available licenses and this will in turn queue the subscription for provisioning.

Once provisioning is complete, you can navigate back to the Users page and assign the license to the users.

ℹ️ Important

If the required license does not show up in the list you have to buy it first via the Buy subscriptions page.

After the subscriptions have been purchased they show up in the Available licenses overview, where you can assign the newly bought license to the user. 

Please note that when buying new licenses, the provisioning of these licenses can take up to 5 minutes.