How to submit a feature request

We value feature requests very highly. In fact, a proportion of our existing features started as a request from our partners. If you would like us to take your idea into consideration, please submit it as a feature request.

Submitting your feature request couldn't be easier!

Go to the feature request page, create your post and submit it after your account has been created.

Spinpanel's product managers regularly review new ideas and engage with customers for their feedback on the feature request page. You can leverage this page to share your views. We're constantly introducing new features and looking forward to implementing ideas that will benefit most of the Spinpanel user base and fit in with our product roadmap. When we transfer your idea to our roadmap, we notify you so that you can keep track of progress. On the roadmap, we visualize what features are being developed before they are launched.


Please remember that other users will be able to view and vote for your suggestion, so make sure the title you use is clear and informative. The more upvotes a suggestion receives, the more likely it is to be implemented.