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How to set up the CSP relationship from a direct partner perspective

As a direct bill partner in CSP, you can use Spinpanel to sell Microsoft Office 365 and Azure to your customers. To make this possible you must establish a reseller relationship with the customer.

Before you begin inviting customers to Spinpanel

  1. Make sure the customer is a registered Microsoft customer (*.onmicrosoft.com tenant)
  2. Ask the customer to have the global administrator credentials for their work account on hand. (username and password used to sign in as a global admin for Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM). They'll need this in step 4
  3. Read the following Microsoft article to get a basic understanding of the steps a direct partner needs to take in the Microsoft Partner Center to be able to sell to customers.


Step 1

Select Customers from your Partner Center menu and then select Request a reseller relationship.

Step 2

To request administrator permissions from this customer, select Include delegated administration privileges for Azure Active Directory and Office 365.

Step 3

On the next page, review the draft email message. You can open the draft message in email message in your default email application or you can copy the message to your clipboard and paste it into an email. Select Done when you've completed this step.

Step 4

Send the link to your customer.

Step 5

After the customer accepts your invitation, they'll appear on your Relationship page in Spinpanel, and you'll be able to provision and manage the service for the customer from the Services page.