Spinpanel can integrate with Tech Data's StreamOne platform to order and manage CSP licenses or give end-customers self-service capabilities.

How-to request StreamOne Cloud Marketplace Partner APIs access?

Before you can use this integration, you must have StreamOne API access. If you don't already have StreamOne Partner API access, then you can request it by sending an e-mail to EU.API.Support@TechData.com

The request should include:

Reseller Name:

Reseller ID:

Reseller Contact Name:

Reseller E-mail:

Local TD BDM in support:

Description of the use it will be given:

Security Restrictions in the End Points, if any:

Once available, Tech Data will reach out to the reseller through e-mail and schedule a live meeting for safe and secure credentials secret delivery. Hereafter you can request the Spinpanel StreamOne integration.