Configure Client Apps

Use Client Apps to add applications that you can then easily make available to multiple customers.


  1. In the second menu select Client apps to add applications.
  2. Select Client app templates.
  3. Select Add.


  1. Enter the application name. The application name needs to be identical to the name in Apps & Features in Windows 10. If needed, install the application on a reference computer to determine the name.
  2. Select the Type, MSI or EXE.
  3. If desired or necessary, enter additional command-line arguments.
  4. Select +Select and select the installation file.
  5. Click Upload & save to save the application.

Assign client apps to customers


  1. Select Solutions then WorkSpace from the left menu.
  2. Select Client app templates under Applications.
  3. Select a Client App from the list of applications.
  4. Select Organization Assignment.
  5. From the list of Available organizations select one or several customers to make the application available.

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