Azure reporting usage overview

Azure reports give an overview of all Microsoft Azure usage and Azure resources used during a selected period.

The reports show in-depth information of Azure usage per resource and active Azure resources. It also shows estimated costs for the partner based on the current usage.

Note: Microsoft charges at the end of the billing period may differ from estimated costs for usage. Spinpanel provides a billing correction that is being applied at the end of the month to the usage in reports to compensate for this difference.

2020-08-05 10_06_50-Spinpanel - Profile 2 - Microsoft​ Edge

Report Description
Usage overview Displays all Azure usage during a selected period and provides information about estimated costs based on usage. By using the Timeline or Azure tags options in the top of the report it is possible to view usage through time or zoom in on specific used Azure tags.
Usage overview (archive) Displays the same results as the regular Usage overview report, however archived data from before January 1st 2020 is shown in this report.