Available roles

Roles are used to assigning privileges to users. For example, available roles allow users to perform operations in Spinpanel or over at Microsoft if the role permissions allow managing settings.

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To assign roles to users, you must have the Spinpanel Role Administrators role assigned.

Spinpanel roles

You determine the types of privileges users have through the roles you give them. Roles grant access to Spinpanel functionalities and solutions. For instance: If your users are dedicated to managing licensing, you can activate only this functionality for them by assigning the applicable role.

Role Description
Spinpanel Administrators Can manage all available features dependent on purchased Spinpanel solutions.
Spinpanel Azure AD Group Administrators Can manage all Microsoft Azure Active Directory group-related features.
Spinpanel License Administrators Can manage all available license-related features.
Spinpanel Partner Center Administrators Can manage partner partner center settings and customers
Spinpanel Product and Subscription Administrators Can manage products and subscriptions
Spinpanel Role Administrators Can manage all role-related features.
Spinpanel User Administrators Can manage all user-related features.
Spinpanel User Group Administrators Can manage all Spinpanel user group-related features.
Spinpanel Users Can read all users.