Assign price plans to customers

You can (i) assign multiple customers to a price plan and (ii) you can assign multiple price plans to your customers. This article describes how you can do both.

More information on creating price plans and assigning products to price plans can be found in the KB article Create and manage your price plans.

Managing customer assignment on a price plan

To manage the customers that are assigned to your price plans, select Services from the leftmost menu and then select Price plan assignment from the Pricing and plans section in the Services menu. You can search for a price plan by typing (part of) it's name in the search bar on top of the page. After you locate the price plan you want to manage, click it to open the Customer assignment page for that plan.

Assigning customers to a price plan

You can use the search bar on top of the Available customers list to search for available customers. Clicking the Add-button (+) next to a customer will assign that customer to the price plan and the customer will be moved from the Available customers list to the Assigned customers list. 

KB Price management, available customers

Removing customers from a price plan

To remove a customer from a price plan, find the customer in the Assigned customers list or use the search bar on top of the list to find the customer. By clicking the remove-button (x) next to the customer's name, you will remove the customer from the price plan. The customer will be moved back to the Available customers list.

KB Price management, assigned customers

Managing price plan assignment on a customer

It is also possible to assign or remove price plans to or from a single customer. This can be done on the customer's profile page. To open the profile page for a specific customer, select Relationships from the leftmost menu, scroll through the list to locate the customer or use the search bar on top of the list and click on the customer from the list.

On the Customer profile page, select Assign price plan from the pricing and plans section to manage price plan assignment for this customer.

Assigning a price plan to the customer

Similar to assigning customers to a price plan on the Customer assignment page, you can search for or locate available price plans in the list and assign them to the customer by clicking the add-button (+).

KB Price management, assign Price plan to customer

Removing a price price plan from the customer

To remove a price plan from a customer, search for it or locate it in the Assigned price plans list and click the delete-button (x) next to it's name. 

KB Price management, remove Price plan from customer