Configure Profile Templates

Spinpanel WorkSpace profile templates provide a complete roaming profile solution. Unlike normal roaming profiles, the Workplace Manager does not require a local Active Directory environment. Profiles are stored in OneDrive for Business of the end-user.


  1. Select Solutions then WorkSpace from the left menu
  2. Select Profile templates
  3. Click Add
  4. An example XML like the example below is displayed. Adjust this example as needed.
  5. Enter a Policy name
  6. Click Save

<SyncFolder folderPath="UserProfile" pathType="relative">         <excludeFolders>                 <folder path="Downloads" />               <folder path="AppDataLocal" />               <folder path="AppDataRoaming" />        </excludeFolders>         <excludeFiles>                 <file path="Desktop.ini" />        </excludeFiles>        <excludeFileExtensions list="exe,ini" /></SyncFolder>

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