How to Create Custom Products

Spinpanel allows partners to create custom products. These custom products can be assigned to customers. There are two types of custom products a partner can create, an organization or user product.

User products are products that partners or customers would assign to specific users. Office 365 licenses are a user product, you assign a license to user (example: Add M365 license to user Bob). Examples of custom user products are Anti-virus, a Managed Services Support Plan, and other software subscriptions that would be assigned to specific users.

Organization products are products that partners assign to specific organizations. These are products that are consumed by organizations and not necessarily specific users. Examples of organization products are SPAM protection, server backups, and firewalls.

Create a Custom User or Organization Product

To create a custom user protect, select "Services", select "Custom Products", select "Add", select "User product" or "Organization product".

Fill out the information required to create the custom product.

  • Product name: The name of the custom product as it will be displayed in the UI
  • Product description: The description of the custom product as it will appear in Storefront
  • SKU (internal code): The internal code for this product product (this code can be used for the billing connectors or called via API's etc.) 
  • ERP price: The recommended retail price for the product
  • List Price: The list price is the amount you have to pay the supplier for the product
  • Country: The country this product can be sold in
  • Billing Connector: The billing connector that this product will be connected to
  • Quantity: (only available for Organizational products) The quantity of the product

On the right side of the custom product creation page is an area to set which properties can be viewed or modified and by who. Typically a partner would not like any of these properties to be modified by the customer. Also, there typically is only a few properties a partner would like the customer to be able to see. 

Custom User Product Example

Custom Organization Product Example

Assign a Custom User or Organization Product to a Customer

To assign a custom product to a customer, a partner must first create a service (or use an existing one), add this product to that service, and assign that service to a customer. Follow the steps in this link for more information of this process. 

Custom User Product:
A partner or customer can assign this product to a user as they would any other CSP license. This is done by selecting a user and adding the product from the "Available products" list. This link will show the full process in more detail. 

Custom Organization Product:
To add an custom organizational product to a customer, select the customer, select "Organization products", select "Add", select the organizational product from the list. If allowed, the quantity can be modified by the partner or customer even after the product is added.