Setup Azure usage based billing

Autotask Connector Settings Related to Azure Usage

Some Autotask Connector settings related to Azure usage play a part in the way Azure usage is processed to Autotask. To view the Autotask connector configuration, go to the side-menu in Spinpanel,  “My Organization”, “Solution Settings”, “Autotask Settings” and click "Configure your Autotask service" to view and modify the Autotask settings.

autotask settings

The following settings affect the processing of Azure usage to Autotask:

  • Global product mark-up rate (%): here you can set the global mark-up rate percentage that applies to Azure product usage.
  • Microsoft Azure material code: an Autotask material code that will be used for processing the usage as charges on the Autotask contract.
  • Microsoft Azure bundled usage: switch this on if you want Azure all usage to appear as one bundled charge on the contract for a customer.
  • Bundled Autotask contract charge name: if you've switched on bundled usage, this setting will allow you to configure the name for the bundled charge on the contract.

Enable billing

Azure subscriptions must be made billable for their usage to be sent over to the Autotask connector. Follow this previous article to enable billing on the Azure subscriptions. 

    Configuring contracts for Azure services

    For the billing connector to be able to sync Azure usage to Autotask, your Azure services (Resource Groups) need to be linked to an Autotask contract. To link a service to an Autotask contract, do as follows:

    • From the side-menu select Solutions > Autotask > Contracts.
    • On the Contracts page select the Customer from the Customer drop-down
    • In the contracts list, click the row for the Azure service and enter the contract ID for the Autotask contract on which you want to process the Azure usage.

    Note: the Autotask connector needs to run before the next step is available.

    Configuring and Approving products

    The products page is where you can configure the mark-up rate for your Azure resources or approve the Azure usage for a specific invoice date. Make note, the Approval button applies to all customers. By clicking the approval button you will approve all Azure usage for all customers for the selected invoice date. The Autotask synchronization will process all usage from that invoice date to Autotask on the next Autotask connector synchronization.

    To configure products:

    • From the side-menu select Solutions > Autotask > Products.
    • On the Organisation mark-up rate page select the Customer from the Organisation drop-down.
    • Click a row to set or change the mark-up for that Resource property.

    autotask products

    To approve usage:

    • From the side-menu select Solutions > Autotask > Products.
    • From the Invoice date drop-down, select the desired invoice date.
    • Click the Approve button. Note: this will approve all usage for all customers for the selected invoice date.

    autotask approve button