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Autotask Connector

With SpinPanel Autotask connector you can manage recurring contracts in Autotask.

SpinPanel manages these contracts by updating services and charges against the contract with the actual quantities and usage retrieved from Office 365, Azure or custom Cloud services.

You can map services to existing contracts in Autotask or you can have SpinPanel create a new recurring service contract for you.

Per customer, every license based service (Office/Microsoft 365, Custom) can be set up to handle pricing in Autotask or in SpinPanel. Every time Autotask connector synchronization runs, the actual quantities on these services in SpinPanel will be checked against the Autotask contract and will be adjusted if needed.  

Usage based services (Azure) can be synced on a monthly basis as charges against the contract. You can choose to bundle all usage as a single charge on the contract. Before you can start using Autotask connector you need to enable and configure it.

There are also a number of steps that need to be taken after Autotask connector is enabled and have to be repeated, either for every new customer (mapping), or for every new subscription (enabling, mapping and setting up billing) or every month (usage based billing). Clicking the links below will lead you to articles providing more information on these steps: