Assign Policies to Devices or Users

Device configuration policies are executed as Administrator on the Windows 10 device (local system). User configuration policies are executed using the rights of the logged in user.


  1. Select Customers
  2. Select a customer
  3. Select Workplace Manager
  4. Select User Configuration
  5. Select the desired policy from the list
  6. If applicable and if allowed, adjust properties.
  7. Select a Do not execute before date (deadline)
  8. Determine whether the policy needs to be executed upon user login, AtLogOn, or during the fetching of policy settings (every 30 minutes), AtRefresh.
  9. Click Assign
  10. Select Users or Groups to assign the policy to.

The policy will be now be executed for the selected user(s) in accordance with the chosen deadline and execution policy. Should a user be offline and the deadline has passed, the policy will be executed upon establishment of an active internet connection.

The same steps described for User configuration can be applied to Device configuration with the difference being the appearance of policy settings that will be executed on the device as local Administrator.

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