Allow Your Customers to Adjust Subscription Quantities

If you have enabled one or more of your customers to self-service their licenses, you may also want to allow them to adjust subscription quantities. Here's how.

To enable this for a customer you must:

  • Disable Auto license Adjustment for the customer
  • Grant permission to change the quantity

For information on how to enable self-service for your end customers please see this article.

Disable Auto License Adjustment

Click on Customers from the left hand side menu. You can then select the customer from this window by simply clicking on the customer. Screen capture below.

Customer selection


You will need to scroll down to the relationship settings and disable the auto license adjustment toggle.


Grant permission to change quantity

Select the customer by clicking on Customers from the Spinpanel side menu. Add an existing role and make sure the access control Subscription > Subscription quantity is enabled.






When you click on the edit button, you will need to enable the subscription modify quantity toggle:


Once this is configured, users or groups added to this role will have access to modify subscription quantities. Once you select your customer from the Spinpanel side menu, select the option next to the  shopping bag as indicated in the screenshot.



Select the subscription you want to edit by clicking on it. Click the edit button and modify the quantity as required. Save your changes and you are good to go.